Maureen Schilling a woman to Avoid

Be forewarned:

Do not get involved in anyway with Maureen Schilling. She is a scam-artist and will get into your heart through your pants and produce a sob-story of how she is helplessly fighting ex-husbands, boyfriends, creditors and banks who have betrayed her and left her bancrupt.

She has borrowed $20,000.00 with a commitment to make repayments. Instead of making repayments she filed a restraining order using fabricated information just to avoid paying back what she owes. She regularly defaults the credit system and wants her new boyfriend to help her out again and again. She will also befriend your children and lie to them too.

She had moved in to my home only to steal personal items when I was away on business trip. After six months she has refused to return my house key.

If you need more details please contact through this blog site.

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